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Carry the future

Carry the Future

Volunteering helps you personally and in business

Giving back is a huge part of my life. Do you volunteer, too?

I recently finished a book called “Happy Money” and it talks about how personally we need to give in order to receive. Back when I started a company called “LIttle Stinker” we would give 10% of all profit to provide diapers for families. It was great to help others.

The reason I believe it is important to volunteer is because it takes our focus off ourselves and towards others. It also reminds us to be thankful the the things we have and show gratitude for the things we have stewardships over.

Carry The Future

One of the recent volunteer projects I’ve partnered on is  Carry the Future. It is an organization the collects baby carriers for refugees. I took it upon myself to write a letter to my state governor of Utah (Governor Herbert) to tell him about what we are doing locally to support the refugees.

Carry the Future helps provide gently used baby carriers. When I started working with them last month we only had a few hundred volunteers and are now up to 5,000.

A group of Utah moms that put together the baby carrier drive were on Channel 2 News.

Sometimes when we serve, we don’t have to give our money. We can use our talents to help others. Using my experience in public relations and building relationships, I’ve been able to help this cause. I really enjoyed meting the other mother’s that are working together for a cause.

Below is the video footage from Channel 2 News segment. Isn’t this baby the cutest?

What ways does your business give back to the community or volunteer?

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