How to Use Video to Engage Customers

Tips on using video

Tips on using video in your business

How to Use Video to Engage Customers

Scrolling through Facebook, you probably see all sorts of awesome videos. The videos always stop and make you look, don’t they? There is something to be said about using videos to engage your customers.

Facebook Live and Instagram Stories are making video popular. Google also ranks videos higher than some sites. Check out this tutorial on how you can use video to engage your customers. 

A More Visual Medium 

While content is awesome, visual seems to be better for engaging your customers. Video engages your customer from the start. Your voice, the action in the video, the props—anything you use in the video is a way for your customers to see exactly what you are trying to portray. Of course, there are big differences between good and bad videos.

Shows Complex Concepts

Sometimes words cannot convey what you are trying to get across. Instead of trying to put a complex concept into words, you can make a video. For some reason, people seem to get these concepts really easy when they are put into videos.

Connection to Your Customers

Want to connect to your customers or your audience better? Video is the way to go! Videos can make emotions raw, it can sell a product, and there is clearly a lot of power in a video. If engaging and connecting with your customers is important, then videos are for you.

Demonstrating is so much Easier

Why do you think so many chefs and magazine companies rely on videos? It is so much easier to demonstrate something in a video than it is to convey in a speech or in a written post. Videos are quick, straight to the point, and make communicating/demonstrating super easy.

One of my blogger friends, Jessica, blogs at “Butter With A Side Of Bread” and is doing an excellent job showing her recipes in her videos.  Her viewers are able to see the process and are often left drooling for more.


To Read: If you’re looking to learn more, try reading “How to Shoot Video That Doesn’t Suck”. I’ve recently read it and found it very insightful. Sometimes I feel like the biggest stumbling blocks to trying something new is our fear to do things different. Getting out of our comfort zone is vulnerable and we’re likely to fail. But give it a try.

Apps: iMovie is now available as an app. It costs $4.99 and is very simple to use. Try shooting short 8 second videos and then adding them all into the iMovie app. It’s fun to use. Recently I gave this a try on a trip to Seattle and was reading the above mentioned book. Seeing the world around me with video and storytelling in mind, it created a different way of viewing the world.

Has your company ever tried to create a video for something? I would love to hear the success stories behind it. Leave a comment below!


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