Effervescent and thoughtful Kathy Dalton loves what she does. She brings a real sense of joy to her work and is committed to not only understanding her customer, but getting to the heart of what they need. Her strength in relating to her clients translates effortlessly into marketing and makes her projects both profitable and fun.

- Sarah Tackett

Kathy is an amazing business woman and entrepreneur! She has the unique ability to not only bring brilliant creative insight into her projects, but also successfully execute and deliver results. Kathy is on a short-list of talent that I hope to one day have on my team.

- Shawn Sadowski

Kathy is a born leader. Aside from being one of the most passionate people I know, she has a unique talent for taking that passion and making things happen for products and brands. She has a vision and she follows through – every time. She is smart, observant, detailed and trustworthy. I’m hoping I get to work with her again someday!

- Jenn Cook

Kathy is the “Energizer Bunny” of marketing. Her unlimited passion and energy for her work is contagious. Her ability to know the product, set goals, and manage the project without loosing sight of the target audience should be considered a cut above the rest. I always knew when I was teamed up with Kathy on a project it meant the possibility of perfection with a side of fun and laughter were sure to follow. She understands people and how to communicate with everyone, helping each understand and be part of the process, an exceptional talent/gift.

- Debbie Funk Alden

I have a profound respect for Kathy as a marketing genius. She always knows the perfect way to relay a message to consumers in a manner that truly captures their interest. In my opinion, her biggest strength is finding new ideas to re-invigorate maturing brands. She has a wealth of knowledge and is able to identify multiple approaches to use in different situations. Having worked with Kathy directly on many projects, I have seen the positive results she generates. Her expertise is immediately recognizable, allowing all she works with to trust her explicitly. On a more personal level, Kathy has a terrific, yet quirky sense of humor and exhibits amazing composure in high-pressure situations. I highly recommend Kathy to anyone looking for great ideas to market their product.

- Travis Mackay


Kathy is fantastic to work with. She’s full of energy and solution oriented ideas. Additionally, she’s very professional, but a lot of fun to work with.

- Patrique Richards

There are people you like to work with, and people you love to work with. Kathy is one of the latter. She’s driven, knowledgeable, and has a mind for business on many levels. Additionally she’s conscientious, creative, and plays well with others.

- Lindsey Petersen


Kathy is an exceptional marketer and an even more exceptional person. Her creativity, integrity, organizational skills, and ability to see the whole picture have been integral to the success of many of the projects she and I have worked on together.

I have been extremely impressed with the detailed and integrated marketing campaigns she has put together, and the miracles she has pulled off for the sake of her clients. It was a pleasure working with Kathy and I look forward to opportunities of working with her on future projects.

- Brick Despain



Kathy is truly passionate about giving her all in whatever she does. She possesses a creative ability that I have not seen rivaled. Kathy always provides creative solutions to any project she touches and leaves it better than she found it

- Preston Bitner


Kathy listens and understands her clients’ needs and then utilizes her creative talents to produce excellent marketing products.

- Melyssa Davidson