How to Engage and Work with Influencers

Some businesses have jumped on the social media bandwagon and are working with influencers. The reason for this is to extend their reach and obtain new traffic to their website. Social media influencers are often bloggers that have connected with some well-known brands and are working with them on a marketing campaign or an ambassadorship. Read more to find out how to engage and work with influencers so you can work on other important things that help you to grow your business.

Why it is important for businesses to connect and collaborate with social media influencers? The reason is fairly simple, and that is to get noticed or grow their brand faster than promoting it through traditional word of mouth marketing, local ad campaigns and/or cold calling. This method of reaching potential customers is called influencer marketing.

Another factor that businesses need to take into consideration is the fact that social media influence is also an important factor in Google page rank algorithm. Businesses of any size need to realize that working with influencers is vital for their business growth. Those that have already realized this often reach out to social media influence via their in house marketing team or hire the services of a marketing consultation business, such as The Kadis Group, to provide this type of service for them.

In fact, working with social media influencers is one of the fastest ways to grow a business.

Another factor that businesses need to develop is engagement. Engagement is also another very important part in creating awareness for their brand. Sometimes a business will make an effort to reach new online traffic through various marketing strategies and be somewhat successful. However, this success is often for a very short term.

They often come to realize that visits to their website and sales have dropped off. This is known as tanking. Tanking can be the result of poor SEO on their website or because they have forgotten to actively seek to engage potential customers on social media.  Often when engagement is done on a regular basis, chances are these people are going to visit your website with the link to your content or product that you have promoted on social media.

Nowadays, engagement means to interact by responding to a query on a social media platform about your product, service or even written content.

Engagement should take place on a regular basis by an in-house marketing team or one that has been outsourced by a marketing consultant group such as The Kadis Group.


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