How to harness the power of influencer marketing

Influencer Marketing 

As you sit down to read this, many of you may be wondering what influencer marketing is. Influencer marketing is something I’ve been doing for over 10 years. However, the number of years of experience doesn’t help you, if you’re not 100% sure of what it does.

The power of influencer marketing

The beauty behind influencer marketing is you’re paying influencers to help spread the word of your brand. You are hand selecting key “leaders” to help promote your brand. In other words, you’re specifically targeting your brand with selected individuals that you know will make a difference. Think of it like this: content marketing and social media marketing get married and have a baby. Influencer marketing was born!

Influence is power

In a world where people are using social media for everything, influencer marketing is so powerful. When you hire influencers, you’re allowing that individual to get your brand out to their brand. What’s cool about influencer marketers is they have way more power than an add. If an influencer really LOVES your brand, they will tell others about it. Keep in mind that a current influencer isn’t always a current customer, sometimes winning over that influencer is enough to spread your message. Think of it as word of mouth, but in a more tangible form.

Elements of Influencer Marketing

You may think “oh influencer marketing sounds awesome, but is there an ROI?” Creating a campaign and tracking the results of that campaign will help you determine your ROI. Tracking the sales and other key metrics is 100% possible.

Influencer Marketing Keeps Growing

You will see more companies partnering with influencers to help spread brand awareness. The awesome think of influencer marketing is you can almost never run out of new influencers. There are literally thousands of blogs/platforms out there that have the potential to be an influencer marketer for your brand.

It’s a Win-Win for everyone

Ads aren’t the only way to make money anymore for influencers. A lot of users typically block ads because they are annoying. However, using Instagram, Facebook, a blog post – you don’t always know you’re looking at an ad (although full disclosure is usually required). All I must say is influencer marketing has been successful over the last ten years, but it’s also becoming more so.

What do you know about influencer marketing?

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