We partner with individuals and organizations to embrace marketing challenges, deliver fresh ideas with expertise, and activate inspired perspective.

Some say capabilities, we say Superpowers!

Areas of Expertise

Strategic Planning: We create a marketing plan based on your business goals and objectives. Plan activities may include anything from research to customer insights. Our plans include realignment to launch. When it comes to strengthening your brand, we’re on it.

Public Relations: We are expert in making you look good. We help you get buzz. Think of us as your own wingman.

Influencer Outreach: We help you connect with social media influencers. From creating brand ambassador programs, blogger sponsored posts to twitter parties and VIP influencer events.

Research: We get into human-centered research. We talk to the audience. We survey the market. We isolate competitors. We study industry segments. We synthesize data. We do much more than our homework, we find treasure.

Product Development: We are experts at helping you take great ideas from your mind to market. And we do it through new product introductions, product line analysis and establishing product position. Bottom line: we’ll increase your company’s return on product portfolio.

Event Planning: We have expertise in launching your big idea. We’ll open your store. We’ll help you host an open house. We have big imaginations when it comes to brand-enhancing experiences!

Social Media Management: We can run your social media platforms and create raving fans. We’ll create an editorial calendar for all your social platforms.