The Best Gear to Shoot Video

UPDATED: Found a gimbal for under $200 that is amazing. See #10.

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I’ve been inhaling everything about video.

I’m obsessed.

For those of you also interested in learning more about video, here are four tools that roc and want to share some awesome things I’ve found.

1. Shoot Video That Doesn’t Suck – is a great book to read and up your video. Helps you think in :08 clips instead of long boring shots. It’s well written and can be downloaded to the kindle.



Animoto professional

2. Animoto Professional – they JUST announced this last week that they have amazing video templates. It’s like Canva, but for video I just made this one: (you can get a free month with my referral link: Check out their video here: Check out the videos I’ve made using Animoto Professional:



3. Mevo LIVE video camera – allows you to shoot different angles with one camera. Amazing. Watch the video on the product page. This allows you to zoom during FB live.
41b4kyh4nylVideo tripod

4.Vanguard Alta Pro 264AB 100 Aluminum Tripod Kit  – allows you to shoot your table top with a pivoting arm. This is a total game changer. No more weird angles and propping it up.

Shot this video with the tripod:

5. Canon D60 – I shoot a Canon D60. Just get the body because the kit lenses really aren’t worth your time. Invest in a pancake lens. Either a 30 or a 50.



6. Canon Powershot Mirrorless Mark II – This is ideal for hiking or travel. You get professional quality video without lugging around the heavy equipment.


7. Lowe Pro Camera Backpack – I use to have a fancy (read expensive) camera bag. But it was TOO heavy on my shoulder. Now I use Low Pro Backpack. What I love about this pack is it is slim and fits a women body a lot better than other camera backpacks. I’ve used the Manfroto backpack as well, there is more room for lenses in this one but it’s also bigger.



8. Iphone 7 – Love the new camera update on this iPhone. It has TWO lenses and creates superior images and video.

9. Manfroto Mini Tripod – Fits most smartphones and has a roasting ball head. Used it shoot this video:

10. Found this Gimbal stablaizer on Amazon thanks to our brother in law’s recommendation. It is less than $200 and shoots smooth video.


1. DJI Osmo stabilizing gimbal – allows you to shoot video from your smartphone so it’s not shaky. This is so cool. I found out about it on a press trip last month and the guys at FOX Sports had it. DJI is a company that makes drones. This is on my wish list.

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